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:: Friday, May 02, 2003 ::

Lame-Ass Doors Band

Last night on the "Late Late Show w/ Craig Kilbourne", the musical guest was "The Doors". Thats right The Doors. Staring orriginal Doors members Ray Manzeric and Robby Krieger. I don't know what happened to drummer John Denzmore. Of course Jim is dead.

But it was lame. The guy whose role it was to be Morisson was just boaring. He looked pretty much like the guy and he could sing nearly right. But his attitude. He was like "yea I'm Jim Morrison I'm cool". He sort of seemed to have a similar attitude to the 50 something orriginal members that were playing with him. He was just sort of there. I wanted him to be burnign with energy or maybe darkly disturbing, but he was just sort of there. What kind of Jim Morrison was that? Oh yea, and I heard he first made it big by dancing and showing off in tight leather pants. Where was that? Come on, give a show!
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