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:: Friday, March 21, 2003 ::

So I want to write something profound, something funny, or something interesting. But all I can think of is telling all of you (yes, my one loyal reader, you know who you are) all about my day. Or at least my moarning. I went out to do my community service with a group called POPS or Project for Older Prisoners (really, I don't think the "S" stands for anything). I was told about all the interesting things of prison, and how hard it would be to get in and on and on.

So we went to St. Gabriel Prison (Louisiana Women's Correctional Institution). We had no hassles with security. Our clients were another matter. One of them was removed from the docket. The other prisoner refused our services. Although she really didn't need them, it appears, she already had a pardon from the governor. All is well that ends well, at least for her. She will be leaving prison soon. We got to watch the hearings of a few prisoners, but it was pretty mild. Most of the people seemed to be there for possession of a narcotic of some sort. Most of them had family members to vouch for them. Most of them told a big long story of how they were reformed. And they probably were.

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