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:: Friday, January 10, 2003 ::

Is it just me, or doesthis map seem to suggest that "The United States" and "Detroit" are two seperate entities?
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And of course there are idiots on the right (see below for idiots on the left). Johna Goldberg claims that all opposition to war in Iraq is inherently pro-Sadam.
:: Mike 12:18 AM [+] ::
Well it appears that Michael Moore is making news again. According to one columnist, Moore has gone on tour making fun of the people who resisted the 9/11 attacks from the hijacked plains. Basically he said they were white wimps and that if the plains had more black men all of the terrorists would have been killed en route. I can't believe that he would make such a stupid and obnoxious statement, especially after picking on the NRA for having held rallies right after school shootings in the towns where such shooting occurred. Yes, I think the "Lets Roll" popularity is a mite overdone, but gee, lets not make cracks against these people who died while taking terrorists down. It strikes me as blaiming the victim, no?

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:: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 ::
Its the first day back at law school. So far I have had Business Enterprises II (BE2) and Law & Economics. My First Amendment seminar was canceled because, well, probably because the first class assignment is too involved for the first day back. The assignment is to read the recent cross burning case and then write a short commentary. If this case is anything like its predecessor, R.A.V., I have a lot of gobbelty gook ahead of me. Later on today I have Administrative Law with Prof. Diamond.

Law & Economics looks like it will be a good class. He asked about various people's motivations for taking the class. Interestingly, he didn't mention my motivation--basically that I think the heavy hitters among L&E scholars are gods among men and that their bent is usually my bent but better argued. On that topic, one sudent in the class suggested that we have taxation to pay for goods that couldn't be provided for privately like garbage collection. Give me a break. Personally, I'm not sure there are any public goods, but, if you are going to argue for their existence don't use the example of garbage collection--that is one I can defeat easily. Private waste removal is not an unusual practice. Just go down to the French Quarter in the moarnings and see it in action (explanation for the uninitiated: public services only removes a small amount of the trash from the French Quarter restaurants, as a result, private companies take care of the rest).
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:: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 ::
According to Nietzsche; hatred, envy, covetousness, and the lust to rule are essential to life in general (See Beyond Good and Evil Part One Number Twenty-Three). One would assume he would then include these things as worthy of celebration in order to produce a vibrant and healthy society--and even perhaps produce the "overman". But what does this mean? How can hatred, envy, or covetousness produce good things in civilization? How can lust to rule be ever good at all? Actually of all those I hate "lust to rule" more than any other (as opposed to actual lust, which is not so bad er should be celebrated on this see Heather Corrina's Journal entry of January 2, 2003).

The Buddha on the other hand (in my opinion the only religious genious if one really ever existed) would condemn all of these things as bad. They represent a striving. Hatred or envy for example only produces unhappiness so they should be rejected. And I tend to agree with the Buddha on this.

Yet I have to say that I am quite fascinated with the idea of hatred, envy, etc... (while done in the right conditions) being something worth promoting. How can this bring forth the "overman"? This is almost as interesting as his concept of "master morality", rank, and those of a contemptable life.

There is so much that Nietzsche has of interest to say, yet in a lot of cases he seems to be wrong. :(

Actually it is quite ironic. He is not interested in what ideas are true but in what beliefs promote life and happiness. Yet the ideas he esteems probably promote unhappiness more than happiness.
:: Mike 1:21 AM [+] ::
I forgot how good some of the old Johnny Cash songs were!
:: Mike 12:55 AM [+] ::
Not that I really believe in not talking about politics or religion, but the below is still a good song:
:: Mike 12:53 AM [+] ::
There once was a musical troupe
A picking singing folktroup
They sang the mountain balads and the folksongs of our land
They were long on musical ability
Folks thought they would go far
But political incompatability led to their downfall

Well he one on the right was on the left
And the one in the middle was on the right
And the one on the left was in the middle
And the guy in the rear
Was a methodist

This musical aggregation toured the entire nation
Singing traditional balads and folksongs of our land
They performed with great virtuosoity
And soon they were the rage
But political animosity prevailed on the stage

Well the one one the right was on the left
And the one in the middle was on the right
And the one on the left was in the middle
And the guy in the rear
Burned his drivers license

Well the curtain had ascended
A hush fell on the crowd
As thousands there were gathered to hear the folk songs of our land
But they took their poolitcs seriously
And that night at the concert hall
And as the audience watched delierously
They had a free for all

The one on the right was on the bottom
And the one in the middle was on the top
And the one the left had a broken arm
And the guy on his rear said oh dear

Now this should be a lesson
If you plan to start a folk group
Don't go mixin politics with the folksongs of our land
Just work on harmony and viction
Play your banjoe well
And if you have political convictions
Keep them to yourself

Well the one on the left works in a bank
And the one in the middle drives a truck
The one on the right is an all night DJ
And the one in the rear got drafted
--Johnny Cash

:: Mike 12:51 AM [+] ::

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