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:: Friday, January 03, 2003 ::

Today I went to see "Gangs of New York". That too was a good movie--although not as good as "Lord of the Rings--The Two Towers" which I saw on New Year's Eve. But what I wanted to write about was one character--Butcher Bill. In some ways this man representes things I hate. Gansterism, violence, nativism, etc..... On the other hand he was nothing but a class act .

Butcher Bill had a sense of honor, bravery, cunning, and skill. The person he valued the most was his fiercest enemy: The Priest. There was something Nietzscheesque about him that should be honored. He saw the priest as his rival, but he did not seem to condemn him. The things you fear are not "bad" because you fear them. In fact the things that he decided were bad were bad not becasue he feared them but because he looked down upon them. The enemy coming to get him was not bad. The enemy coming to get him was revered and honored. This is noble.
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Yesterday night I saw "About Schmidt". It was a good movie, but I think the central premise was flawed. Basically it all revolved around the question of "does my life have value to other people". I think this is an aweful question to ask. Perhaps sinful. Fundamentally one should ask "does my life have meaning to me". Sure it is good that other people value your life, but primarily it must first have meaning to __you__. One should base one's life on one's own values and judgment. If one is constantly looking for valuation from other people, one is not independant or even seeking to be an individual. If one constantly needs others to value onself, there is definately a problem. This is an abdication of one's own moral responsability to creat one's own values.

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:: Thursday, January 02, 2003 ::
Oh my....Christmas is done and gone and I have so much to say. But first I will mention a great cigar I just had. It was an "Oliva" Cigar. Definately a brand to look into in the future.
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