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:: Sunday, December 22, 2002 ::

Got most of my shopping done! I got gifts for my mother, father, sister, and Uncle Brian. Only a few more to go!
:: Mike 3:51 PM [+] ::
Let me try to explain what I was saying before about mental illness. As Thomas Szasz puts it "once we recognize that 'mental illness' is a metaphore for disapproved thoughts, emotions, and behavior, we are compelled to recognize as well that the primary function of Psychiatry as well is to control thought, mood, and behavior." For more information on this argument you can check out Thomas Szasz's homepage.

In addition Reason magazine has published a nice review of a book by a different sometimes critic of psychiatry. Inside this review there is discussion of the recent investigation of the sanity of Zacarias Moussaoui relating to his trial. Apparantly his original defense attorneys (I think he rejects them now as part of a scheme to get him) believed he had some sort of paranoid psychosis. Some psychiatrists disagreed. Afterwords the judge hired more psychiatrists to continue investigations into the man's mental health. Moussaoui responded with a hand written motion suggesting that the judge had "acute symptoms of Islamophobia with complex gender inferiority." He recomended treatment at the UBL Treatment Center, claiming that UBL stands for "Unique Best Location" as opposed to Usama Bin Laden. In his own way he is making my point. Mental illness diagnosis has a strong tendancy to be dominated by social, economic, political, and moral factors.
:: Mike 3:50 PM [+] ::
Aahh now I have all my exams done and am at home. Thank God!
:: Mike 3:37 PM [+] ::

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