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:: Friday, December 06, 2002 ::

Wow... this senate race is really heating up. I just saw the head of "Priests for Life" on TV basically saying that a Catholic politician must oppose all forms of abortion. This is serious. Of course, I think he is right--part of being Catholic is opposition to abortion (and birth control). Not that I think either of those things is bad, I just think that the two positions are contradictory.
But I really hope Marry looses. Besides opposing the beliefs of the religion she claims to uphod (and I used to uphold) she has been very deceptive.
:: Mike 6:53 PM [+] ::
ER last night provided an interesting contrast in the way we treat people who allegedly have mental problems or are "freaks". One patient was a teenage boy who acted as (and wanted to be) a girl. His mother really didn't like this, and when his father died she cut his hair and transformed his girl identity to an clearly male one. She thought that he was a "freak" and had to be confronted. This transgendered patient was (intentionally?) contrasted with Abbey's brother who suffers from manic depression.
My general reaction to the transgendered situation was that the mother was clearly not acting properly by forcing her male son to act as a man. I generally think that if a person self identifies opposite to their equiptment, then they shouldn't be forced to act as their physical gender. It just doesn't seem appropriate to force him to be "male". On the otherhand, the situation between Abbey and her brother seems opposite. Abbey is made to look incrediby just in her attempts to force her brother to be treated for his inappropriate manic depressive nature.

This at first seems quite justified. After all, manic depression is considered a disease. People should be treated and their "problem" should be medically altered. But why? I decided to go back and read some articles by Thomas Szasz. He argues quite forcefully that depression is not a desease but a moral problem and that people should not be forced to alter there state. Depression, he argues, is a moral problem. I think he tends to be right.

Of course that doesn't mean that depression, manic or not, is just as good of a choice as transgenderedism. I actually have a lot of respect for transgendered people. I find issues, boundaries, and transgressions of gender quite interesting. Transgenderedism isn't immoral. Many different behaviors have been diagnosed in the past as diseases such as homosexuality and masturbation. We have used medical treatment against these behaviors in the past and I think that this was wrong. But really there is not any great medical difference between the above behavioral patterns and the ones we still diagnose. The only difference is that it is (correctly) not acceptable to call homosexuality a disease. But why should we be so confident that there is something clinically wrong with the depressed?
:: Mike 6:47 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 ::
Kathy and I are breaking up. I'm sad.
:: Mike 10:17 PM [+] ::

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