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:: Friday, November 15, 2002 ::

I think modern religion is a negative force to society. I was watching a real life TV magazine where they depicted religious people where their religion lead them to force their young children to fast. They were emaciated. Then there is the whole thing about The Practice and the priest scandal--not to mention the Christian Science show.

The fact of the matter is religion short circuits the brain and prevents rational thinking. Look to the scandal regarding priests and sexual molestation. The point of the show was that there was a lack of outrage among the faithfull. The character "Eugene" thought that the current hierarchy was providing insuficient protection and response to abuse allegations. He further suggested that Catholics should dump the existing hierarchy and well, create a whole new structure.

What isn't acknowledged is that this isn't even an option. Obedience to hierarchy is required. The church tells you what is required to believe and do. Part of what it means to be Catholic is to be obedient and to trust Priests, Bishops, and the Pope. While it is clear that Catholics can criticize their leaders--they can't abandon them absent extreme circumstances (say an excomunicate Pope).

Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps people can try the Pope or their bishops in some cannonical way. But it is not going to to happen. It is just the nature of religion, and the concept of "faith" which is contrary to "reason".
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I bought a new Vidal book, Creation. Its an interesting book regarding a (fictional?) Persian ambassador's travels to India, China (Cathay), and Athens. It also provides an alternative theory of Heroditus' histories. Its been a while since I read Heroditus (6 years), and I don't really remember reading it all too well (my TA didn't think I read it well either--my first "C"). But this is interesting. All of the historical characters so far (OK ony Thucydities and Heroditus) are shown as something other than the noble great people I remember learning of them as. The book presents the Greeks as not the originators of our civilization, very interesting!
:: Mike 9:28 PM [+] ::
I'm still reading Gore Vidal. I finished The Golden Age. The book was good but ends, well, not with a bang but a whimper. It started great the middle was wonderfull and the end was lacking. Perhaps it was longer than it should have.

But the ideas it presented were interesting. Of course, FDR's goal of prevoking the Japanese is something that I am an old hand at. Stinnet's Day of Deciet theory that FDR's knew Pearl Harbor was coming is not nothing new either. But it was interesting to see it all played out. The large influence of British "intelligence's" attempts to covertly get us into war was not surprising. Even so, it was really exciting to see everything transpiring from behind the scenes. Perhaps what I was most unfamiliar with was the scense regarding Trueman. I never realized how wrong the beginings of the cold war just might have been (although I'm sure the cold war was unnecessary....Russia defeated itself).
:: Mike 9:19 PM [+] ::
Why do I keep buying Trycicle (a Buddhist magazine)? I don't know. There is nothing great or exciting about it. I just want to develop my practice (zazen meditation). But it never neems to take too well.............
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Ah screw it. I'm not going to go through with this. Its too much.

De Jasay still rocks.
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