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:: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 ::

I love the smell of the streetcar. There is something very earthy (maybe that is the wrong word) of the metal and grease. It is probably one of the most posative smells that says "New Orleans" to me (well, there is the smell of the food).
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Classes are back. Now that I have finished my first "long" day I can give a review:

1. Advanced Criminal Procedure: This class looks to be interesting. The prof. is a AUSA and worked on the recent Edwards appeal (and won!). While I sometimes tend to be biased against agents of persecution, uh, I mean prosecution, former governor Edwards had it coming. What makes the professor really interesting is that he recently went up againts big Al Dersh, again, and won! However, the professor is so swamped with his other job that he didn't edit or really organize the lecture. He is interesting and has lots of material, but as of the first class (very little to judge by) he is down on preparation.

2. Fourteenth Amendment: This is an 8:30 AM class. :( It should be good. Griffen is good. However, I hope to get away from the basic stuff and move on to the deeper equal protection/due process stuff.

3. First Amendment: This looks to be interesting, but not much to comment on yet.

4. European Community: I will probably drop this. It doesn't look interesting. How does the EC deal with the free flow of goods/people accross Europe. I don't know. I probably will never deal with these issues. I just took it for the credits when I thought BE was full. Its too bad though because the prof. looks like he is one of the more interesting ones.

5. Business Enterprises: Another introductory class. This looks interesting, but OK.

:: Mike 3:34 PM [+] ::
:: Monday, August 26, 2002 ::
Ya the smelt are running
The fever's everywhere
So patch up your waiters
Its that time of year
Toivo and Ano in the pick up truck
Theyve got all running boards just in case they get stuck

Everybodys going smelting
Everybodys going smelting
Everybodys going smelting
Smelting U.S.A.
Smelting U.S.A.

--Da Yoopers
:: Mike 1:07 PM [+] ::

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